Sexy Jazz


Sexy Jazz Courses

Learn this sexy style, feel good and get a great workout. This class is for ladies only (sorry guys)  ;-). 18+

It’s jazzy,  sexy, funky, romantic it’s one of the hottest  courses offered. Chairs, ties, scarves, sexy fun moves to release the other you.

Why take a Sexy Jazz Class?

  • A fun sexy workout – no really it’s a great workout
  • Feel more sexy and alive in your body
  • Celebrate your femininity
  • Spice up your life or your relationship
  • Feel more confident and courageous
  • Reclaim the power to feel, to play and to enjoy
  • Re-invent your body image
  • Style, style, style – add it to your walk, your attitude, your other dance classes.
  • Enhance your self-confidence, self-esteem and develop greater self-expression

Classes open based on registration so sign up today.



Phone: 02-6500999

9 Hauman Street  *רחוב האומן  9

Talpiot, Jerusalem * ירושלים

Facebook: Jerusalemdancestudio