Social / Party Dancing


Learn to move and be moved 😉 

J dance courses in event dancing teaches the moves for you and your partner to look and feel good and have fun at the next event you attend. No more sitting on the side watching others on the dance floor.

Learn to dance to any music, whether it’s pop music or slow dancing. You may feel like you have two left feet, but we can show you an easy way to overcome this with some simple moves.

What will I learn? 

First off a few simple steps and turns and even some cool dips

Timing – slow and upbeat. How to create dynamics with the music

Gentleman: how to lead your lady into lots of fun moves

Ladies: how to follow a mans lead, styling

Get on the dance floor today! No experience is necessary! In fact that’s what we are here for, we will teach you how.

Contact us to find out when the next course starts: 

Whatsapp: 0587550909

Tel: 026500999