What’s Better Dance or Mathematics?

This interesting article compares dance to the study of Mathematics. Our opinion, learning to dance is even more important 😉

Learning salsa is as important as mastering calculus, a leading international education expert says.

Sir Ken Robinson knows his views are provocative but says there’s plenty of evidence to back them up.

“Dance is just as important as mathematics in schools,” he said.

“Some people, they start to hemorrhage at that point. It’s too much…

Check out the full article > The Age.com.au – Learning salsa as important as maths, education expert says


Your Brain on Dance!


More and more studies are proving what those of us that Dance have known for some time. Dance is not only healthy for your body, social and fun, but it also benefits your Brain. Read more on LifeHack about  Your Brain on Dance


Jerusalem’s Best Hanukkah Dance Party

Have you ever attended one or our dance parties? If not you’ve been missing out on some great moments. Every month we cook up some Saturday night parties, but a few times a year we’ve got some extra exciting events. Hanukkah is one of those times when we ramp it up a notch and roll out some of  our special surprises.

Once again this year we’re happy to invite you to one of our hottest parties of the year. We’ll be celebrating Hanukkah in the usual Elbaz Dance Style – Food, Wine, Candle Lighting and of course lot’s of dancing.

Join us at Elbaz Dance – Sunday, December 5, 2010

Doors open at 20:40, Show starts at 21:10

There will of course be sufganiyot as well as other great treats and drinks. Performances by professional dancers from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as student performances in Waltz, Salsa, Cha Cha and more. Peformances will last approximately 35 minutes and then the dance floor is open to all until late into the night. Grab your dance shoes, your party clothes and dance to Latin and Ballroom music.

Tickets are now available for purchase. 60 nis/per person. Call Yoni or Katya at 054-5496202

Magic and Dancing at Elbaz Dance

It was a great night of magic and dancing at Elbaz Dance Studio in Jerusalem. We celebrated 1 year at the new studio in September by throwing an anniversary bash. Performances included, Belly dancing by Sonya, Ballroom by our youth group,  professional performances and a fantastic magic show. You can see some pictures on our Facebook Page

Thank you to everyone that made the evening memorable and entertaining!

Contemporary and Ballroom Fusion

I found this on the Passion4Dancing Blog. Leon writes:

Could a Pasodoble mixed with contemporary style look good? Watch this video to find out. This is Denys Drozdyuk’s audition video from the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. What do you think?

Tell us what you think in the comments below, does it work?

Amazing Anniversary Event!

Congratulations to all the performers from last nights party! Adults and children. You were all amazing!

The magic didn’t stop with the dancers, the audience was charmed and bemused by a fantastic magic show Las Vegas style. Including live animals (huge snake) and amazing illusions. Thank you to all the audience participants. You were truly good sports and made the evening even more entertaining.
Pictures to come.
Shana Tova

September 6th – The Big Night

Elbaz Dance is celebrating! Come join us!

September 6th at 21:30

One year ago we opened our brand new dance studio and we’ll be celebrating the year to come with:

Special Dance Performances presented by studio staff as well as guest performers

Magic Show, Stand Up comic and lots of dancing in all styles until late at night. Great music, great fun!

Refreshments Served: Wine / Finger Foods

Cost: 65 Shekels

To order tickets call: 02-6500999 or 0545496202

email: info@elbazdance.com

Location: Elbaz Dance (Our patio is now open)

9 Ha’uman Street – 2nd floor
Previously Hayihlom Sh’Bketar Building/ Newly opened as “Le Belle Events”
Talpiot, Jerusalem
91521 (Free Parking in the building parking lot)

Elbaz Dance
Salsa, Ballroom, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop…
Children and Adults all levels
The Secrets of Movement
סודות הריקוד

אלבז דאנס
רחוב האומן 9
בניין “היהלום שבכתר”, קומה ב
אזה”ת תלפיות, ירושלים

Tel:   טל:    02-6500999     or 0545496202

www.elbazdance.co.il (hebrew)
www.elbazdance.com (english)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elbazdancestudio
Twitter: @elbazdance

Location: Elbaz Dance Studio – Talpiot
Contact: For Tickets call 0545496202 A special night of professional performances, great music,refreshments and dancing
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Burning It Up On The Dance Floor

A couple dance to the band Merengada at London...
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An inspiring little fact about how many calories you burn while on the dance floor. Those of you already out there are benefiting and those of you that want to lose weight and have fun…. turn up the music and start moving or come and join one of the many classes being offered at Elbaz Dance every day. Kids too!!

Check out the chart below:
latinprodance.com   2.2lbs = kg  * Calories = Energy
STYLE OF DANCE Approximate Calories Burned Per Hour
100 lb. Dancer 125 lb. Dancer 150 lb. Dancer 175 lb. Dancer 200 lb. Dancer
Disco, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue 264 330 396 462 528
Samba, Ballet, Fast Dances 288 360 432 504 576
Waltz, Foxtrot, Bachata

Tango, Rhumba, Bolero

144 180 216 252 288

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Let Us Entertain You!

May 27, 2010 @ 21:00

A fantastic night of perfomances!
Elbaz Dance presents:

Professional Ballroom and Latin Dance show including the Dancesport wheelchair team, Kirill Sivolapov from Israel’s Dancing with the Stars and much more.
Appetizers, wine and dancing into the night.
60 NIS per person

Studio Elbaz Dance
For more information or tickets call 0545496202


email: info@elbazdance.com
9 Hauman Street, Talpiot 2nd floor

Come and join the fun!!!  

You’ll need to call for tickets but you can see more info here:


In conjunction with the Jerusalem Municipality http://www.jerusalem.muni.il/jer_main/defaultnew.asp?lng=1 (Hebrew)

Can Israelis Dance?

You bet! Many Israeli born dancers are receiving tremendous recognition for their accomplishments.  Even tap dancing! Two of these Israelis are Avi Miller and Ofer Ben, who will be guest artists at DanceTeacher Summit in New York City this summer.  Taken from DanceTeacher summit here is a bit more on these two Israeli dancers/Hoofers, they’ve even created their own line of tap shoes.

Native Israelis, Avi Miller and Ofer Ben are tap dancers, performers, teachers, and lecturers – in the unlimited rhythmical dance field of ‘Hoofing’. Their unique style and choreographies are influenced by the large amount of teachers and mentors they studies with, each linked directly to the origins of tap. But, due to their country of origin, they also incorporate in their work ‘Middle Eastern’ and Israeli movements which they studied from their late Israeli Master Ya’acov Kalusky. In class they teach various approaches to a ‘Quality of Sound Technique’ as well as verbal references to the history and heritage of ‘Rhythm Tap’ all wrapped up in humor and fun.

Their tap dancing experience spans on over 35 years and in countries such as: Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Holland, Israel, Japan, Thailand and throughout the USA. They perform as a duo: ‘Miller & Ben – The Israeli Hoofers’ or with their professional company: ‘Tap Tel-Aviv Dance Troupe’.

In 2001, they relocated the Jazz Tap Center, Inc. production offices to New York. They established the not-for-profit incorporation: Tradition In Tap, Inc. – an organization that produces tap workshops and performances devoted to the preservation of various tap masters’ historic legacy and technique. Updated and extensive information can be found at: www.TraditionInTap.org.

In February 2003, they started to manufacture their Miller & Ben Tap Shoes in the Far East. These hand-made High Quality / High End ‘Musical Tap Instruments’, are elegant, comfortable, hand-made shoes, in eight models and 48 colors and patterns. The shoes are sold via their on-line store: http://www.TapEmporium.com and in selected dance stores in the USA and around the world.

Credited appearances includes: the tribute performance and TV documentary for The 9 Doctors of Tap Dance – Oklahoma City University, Tap Extravaganza – New York City, The New York City Tap Festival, The St. Louis Tap Festival, The Oklahoma City Tap Festival, Southeastern Tap Explosion – Atlanta GA, Tap Workshops at Chulalongkorn University and Bangkok Dance – Thailand, Artn-Tap studios in Tokyo – Japan, Tap Giants Festival in Calgary and Edmonton – Canada, Michelle’s Dream Festival and workshops at de TAPperij in Zwolle – Holland, tap master classes and judging for Dance Masters of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, ‘T.A.P.’ – National Tap Dance Day Celebration – Cedar Crest College, PA, Dance Studio LIFE Magazine Teacher’s Conferences, and the Broadway Dance Center annual Teachers’ Workshops in New York City.

Avi Miller & Ofer Ben were featured in July 2007 on the cover of Dancer Magazine and together with Germaine Salsberg, they were honored in March 2009, with The Preservation of Our Heritage Award in American Dance by Oklahoma City University. They ‘team-teach’ regularly at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.

Learn how to dance, Ballroom, Salsa, Ballet, Hip Hop….

Elbaz Dance 0545496202



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